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Here’s what to do if you receive visits from prospective buyers in your home

como preparar la visita de futuros compradores en casa

When it comes to selling our house, we must take great care of the visits of future buyers. It will greatly depend on them that they are satisfied and that we can sell it as soon as possible and in the best conditions. So, if you are thinking of embarking on this new adventure, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Tips on how to win over prospective buyers


When showing our house, it is highly recommendable to schedule a time of day when it will look its best. To do this, it is important to take advantage of the times when it has more light (something that adds many points when deciding on one house or another).

What are the best times? At midday or dusk is when the most (and most beautiful) light tends to enter. However, the orientation of the house must also be taken into account, as the brightness of your home will also depend on it.

Cómo preparar la visita de futuros compradores en casa


Before welcoming prospective buyers, you should prepare a tour of your property. We don’t know it, so you will have to choose how to organise the visit. However, there are some basic points to bear in mind:

  • Leave the highlights of the house for the beginning and the end. This is something similar to a film: when it starts and ends well, you forget about the parts you didn’t like so much and you are left with a good taste in your mouth.
  • If you have doubts about the order because all the spaces seem similar to you, we advise you to start with the living room (usually the largest and noblest area of the house) and, if you have one, the terrace. Then the kitchen and, after that, the bedrooms and bathrooms (show the worst room first and finish with the best one so that the last one is the most pleasant).
  • During the tour, focus on the strengths of the house and emphasise the good things about your home. Show them the things that make it special, such as, for example, the large number of wardrobes, the good window frames, the quality of the carpentry or the recent renovation you have done in the bathroom.
  • Once you have finished the visit inside the property, insist on showing them the extras that add value to the property: communal areas, gardens, storage rooms, etc.
Cómo preparar la visita de futuros compradores en casa


Although it may seem obvious, it is necessary to remember this. A good presentation of the house is essential. There are many who believe that what is important is the property itself, but that the decoration does not interfere in the final decision of a future buyer. Wrong! The better the overall impression of the property, the more likely it is to be bought.

By this we don’t mean that you should put in a new sofa or make a big change, but we do mean that you should take care of the presentation when welcoming visitors. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean the house thoroughly and be aware of odours. Spray it with an aromatic spray before they arrive and try to make it as spotless as possible.
  • Tidy up before they arrive. The tidier and more spacious the better.
  • Add some details that make it more welcoming, for example, include flowers in one of the rooms.
  • Depersonalise it: remove photo frames, posters, political symbols…
  • And if you are no longer living in it and there is no furniture in it, give it a facelift by painting the walls white or repairing any damage.
Cómo preparar la visita de futuros compradores en casa
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