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Ideas To Change Your Kitchen Without Spending Much

Cambiar cocina con bajo presupuesto

If years ago the living room was the main protagonist of the house, in recent times the kitchen has stolen part of that role. And it is that, every time we make more life around it. Therefore, it is essential that we feel comfortable and practical since it is a space in which we spend many hours.

Do you feel like giving it a change? Do you want to give it a different touch? Would you like it to be more orderly? We give you ideas to get a cozy and practical kitchen (without having to spend a lot of money or do works).

Change a countertop

By changing the countertop you can get a totally different and renewed aesthetic of your kitchen without the need to do major works. Our advice is that, as you change the design, bet not only on a beautiful piece but also resistant and easy to clean.

Cambiar cocina con bajo presupuesto

Paint kitchen walls

On many occasions we do not feel comfortable with the tiles in our kitchen. If the ones you have do not fit your style or that of your house, but you do not want to have to put new ones, you can always paint them or cover them with a moisture-resistant vinyl.

Pintar paredes de la cocina

Lay a continuous floor

The same goes for the floor as for the walls. If the one you have doesn’t quite convince you, there is the possibility of covering it with a continuous floor that can be installed on top of the old one. It will look great!

Suelo continuo

Replace cabinet and drawer handles

This is a very simple gesture but with a great result. Do you know everything that can improve the look of a piece of furniture with a simple handle? Replace the old ones with more current ones with a design that you like and that combines well with the rest of the space and you will notice a big change.

Cambiar cocina sin obra

Add decorative touches to the kitchen

If you’re looking to create a more welcoming space, add decorative touches that make it warmer and more personal. If you have a free wall on which there is no furniture, you can place a picture that gives life to the space. You can also play with the pots of pasta or cereals by replacing the original ones with others with a more special design.

Cambiar cocina con bajo presupuesto

Bet on practical systems

Why have drawers cluttered and full of things if we have systems so that this does not happen? For all those utensils that are used regularly such as ladles, foamers or tongs, there are elements to keep them more organized and close at hand. Our proposal? Hang them near the cooktop and you will see that, in addition to making your life easier, you will give a different touch to the kitchen.


Have you seen how you can achieve great results? Do not hesitate and give your kitchen that look you always dreamed of.

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