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How to add a touch of spring to your home decor without making too many changes (or spending too much)

Toque primaveral en decoración de casa

When we talk about spring, we also talk about summer. These are two seasons that form a package when it comes to making practical changes at home. How to give a different touch to your home during these seasons? We’ll tell you.


Textiles are always the great solution when we want to make changes that do not involve a high investment but with which we can achieve great results. And cushions play the most important role. To give a spring or summer touch to your rooms, go for printed designs in cheerful or pastel tones. Cushions with floral prints, Mallorcan tongues, sea motifs… And even in white they work perfectly. With very little, you can achieve a lot!

Toque primaveral en decoración de casa

Covers for sofas and armchairs

Another option to give our home a twist is to make covers for sofas and armchairs. Changing this type of furniture every season is not viable, but it is feasible to give them a new look by adding some covers. Our recommendation, to create a cooler atmosphere and in line with the temperatures, is to opt for pieces in light tones such as white, ecru or very light greys.

Toque primaveral en decoración de casa


If there is something spring-like, it is flowers. That’s why filling the house with them is one of the best solutions at this time of year. On the coffee table in the living room, on the dining table, in the entrance hall, on the bedside table or even in the bathrooms. Flowers flood any corner of the house with spring, as well as dressing the rooms with a lot of warmth and style.



Here you have two options. The first is to remove carpets to give your home a lighter look during these months. The second is to replace the thick and fluffy models of winter with other lighter and more seasonal ones, such as carpets in light tones and natural materials like jute.

Alfombra de yute

Trendy decorative elements

Decorative elements add a lot to a space. In fact, they can give them a complete makeover just by their presence. We encourage you to go for trendy designs that fit in with your home and with the rising temperatures. Do you want examples? A coral-shaped sculpture or a shell-shaped tray are two great options.

Toque primaveral en decoración de casa

What do you think of these proposals to give your home a touch of spring? Take note of them to give it a new look without having to make a big investment.

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