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6 deco tricks to give greater visual amplitude to your home

Trucos para ganar amplitud visual en casa

If you live in a small house or just want to gain visual amplitude, you have come to the right place. And it is that with a few small decorative tricks we can enlarge the spaces without adding more meters. Take note!

Include mirrors

If there is a resource par excellence when it comes to creating greater visual amplitude in a place that is without a doubt that of placing mirrors. Thanks to them, more luminosity is gained and the space is visually larger. Have you ever wondered why there is always one in elevators? No, it’s not just to look at you!

Choose light furniture

The very bulky and heavy furniture takes away a lot of visual space from the rooms. The best option is always to choose lightweight designs that are not clunky. For example, those that have legs and are not supported directly on the ground provide greater lightness. So do suspended elements (such as bedside tables anchored to the wall or shelves as an alternative to the cabinet racks).

Light spaces give greater visual amplitude

Both for the walls and for furniture and decorative elements, it is always better to use light and neutral tones. Obviously, with white you never fail since it is the best color for our spaces to look bigger. But light and soft tones also play a fundamental role in achieving our purpose.

Bet on glass or methacrylate tables

As we told you, heavy furniture is very spacious. And one way to avoid this is by choosing transparent furniture that shows what is behind it and does not put barriers in the visual field. A solution for this are glass or methacrylate coffee tables, as well as side tables, lamps or shelves made of these materials.

Opt for lightweight textiles

Textiles such as linen, silk or cotton sheer are lightweight materials that help create a lighter environment. Do not hesitate and bet on them for your curtains, cushions or even for your sofa covers.

Don’t fill the walls with pictures

The paintings always bring a lot of personality to the spaces and are undoubtedly the final touch of a space. Of course, if you do not want your house to look smaller, do not overdo it by filling the walls of them. The vast majority of times, less is more!

Have you seen how easy it is to achieve visual amplitude in a house? Take our advice and you will notice the difference.

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