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Upgrade The House To Sell It Better

Reformar vivienda para vender

If you are thinking of selling (or renting out) your house or simply want to renew it in order to be able to take the previous steps in the future, this will interest you. We are going to tell you how you should do it to revalue your property.

What to consider before refurbishment

Before getting into renovation we must take into account our budget and know what we want to change in our house in the first place. With this in mind, we can better choose the changes we are going to make. And there are different options that fit each of our needs.

  • Decoration and details: When we don’t have high budget or we are quite satisfied with our home, this option is the best. Without having to make a large outlay we can give a makeover to our house. How? Painting carpentry, changing furniture, buying new appliances…
  • Installations and layout: If we want to renovate our installations or make a new layout, we must have a specialist who can help and guide us through the process. This task has a higher cost than the previous point so we have to think very carefully about what we want to change.
  • Comprehensive repair: Comprehensive repair is what costs the most (both economically and in the time to invest). This option is appropriate if you have good experts.
Reformar vivienda para vender o alquilar

The improvements that revalue your property

Our advice before refurbishment is that you think very well what your house needs, that you value your budget very well and that you let yourself be advised. After this we’ll tell you what are the changes you can make that will most revalue it.

  • Large spaces: Whether we have a big or a small house, having large spaces is paramount. Sometimes it is better to have fewer rooms but larger to feel better within them. And, in the event that we do not want to lose bedrooms, to gain spaciousness in other areas of the house, we can also join different corners: expanding the living room by opening the kitchen to this space or removing the partition that separates the hall from the living area are two wonderful formulas.
  • Bathrooms and kitchen: If there is something that raises a lot the value of a property is to have the bathrooms and kitchen in good condition. These two spaces are the ones that suffer the most over the years so renovating them will greatly revalue your home.
  • Partition walls and floors: Having good walls is essential. As is having good materials on the floor. A beautiful parquet can change a lot the perception of a house, and if it is OK, it will be a great boost for the future buyer to take the step.
  • Energy rating: Did you know that having efficient house has a higher value? Whether to sell (or rent) the property for a better price or to put your grain of sand to the environment, consider improving the energy quality of your home.
Reformar vivienda para vender

Now that you’re ready to renovate your property, what changes will you make to your home?

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