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This Is What You Have To Keep In Mind If You Want To Purchase An Energy Efficient Home

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October 21st has been declared the World Energy Saving Day. Although every day is good for thinking about the environment, it does not hurt that there are dates like this to make us even more aware that we must take care of the planet whatever is in our hands. For this, there are many gestures that we can include in our daily life to save energy: take advantage of natural light, turn off all electronic devices when we do not use them, wash clothes in cold water… These little things we can do without problems in our home, and the more times we do them they will become a routine, something that comes out naturally.

In addition to this, there are other ways to save energy. One of them is to bet on an efficient and energy quality house. Do you know how it should be to meet these requirements? We’ll tell you about it below.

3 requirements a home must meet to save energy

1. Thermal insulation

A house or a room with good thermal insulation (in floors, walls and windows) is essential to save energy.

For example, in our new CHG properties we have the best insulation to make them efficient (as well as more or less warm when necessary). And it is that, we have insulations in facades by means of air chamber with mineral wool LW, with thicknesses and sufficient conductivity to obtain energy efficiency. Also, on the first floor and flat roofs we have thermal insulation based on high density extruded polystyrene sheets. As well as windows with thermo-acoustic double glazing, formed by two panes separated by a watertight air chamber.

Ahorrar energía

2. Efficient heating and hot water system

The most efficient heating systems are those that use gas or renewable energy (coal or oil use a lot of energy). This is through heat pumps, both air-source (a pump that uses air) and geothermal (a pump that uses water). Furthermore, for hot water, which accounts for 26% of household consumption, it is important to avoid electric boilers and opt for the use of solar panels or aerothermal systems as an alternative.

At CHG we are committed to an efficient heating system as well as a hot water system that is designed with an air-thermal heat pump installation to meet these requirements.


3. Modern electrical system

Do you know that lighting accounts for approximately 15% of the world’s electricity consumption and 5% of greenhouse gas emissions? As we cannot do without it, it is essential that the electricity system is modern as a very old one multiplies energy consumption (and also the cost of your bill at the end of the month).

Our new properties have modern electrical installations in which efficiency and energy quality are a priority.

Ahorrar energía

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