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Smart Home: What Exactly Is It And What Advantages Does It Have?

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We are sure you’ve heard about it many times, but you may be missing some information. So from CHG we want to update you and to tell you what exactly a smart home is and what its advantages are.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is one that has enough technology to automate certain tasks such as lighting, security, the use of appliances or even enclosures. In short, it is a way of domotization of our home to be able to have control over it wherever we are, with the consequent advantages that this entails.

Casa inteligente

What good is a smart home? Here are its advantages

Domotization of homes has many benefits that we detail below:

  • Comfort: A home with these features makes life easier for us. Being able to turn on the lights from the street, turn on the heating before you get home or prepare coffee from the bed are some of the things that will help you lead a more comfortable life.
  • Energy saving: Energy efficiency is one of the advantages of this type of housing, something that in addition to being good for the environment is also good for our pocket. A good example is the possibility, as we told you in the previous point, to turn on the heating before you get home. It is a good way to prepare our home for our arrival without having to leave it on for hours.
  • Security: Cameras, motion sensors, electronic locks… Being able to control all this from our mobile device is a good way to protect you and yours.
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What can I control or do through home automation?

Home automation allows us to do countless things in our home. These are the most common:

  • Raise and lower blinds (a good thing to protect the house on vacation).
  • Turn on and off both the air conditioning and heating from your mobile (can you imagine coming home and it’s already warm?). Also turn on and off the lights.
  • Control appliances and turn them on only when necessary.
  • See at all times what happens in your home through security systems and video surveillance cameras.
  • Schedule irrigation.
  • Detect possible fumes or floods (and thus be able to warn them to turn it off or even close the water turnkey from your mobile).
  • Open the door without using the keys.
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And you, are you aiming to have a smart home?

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