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How to protect your home during vacation

Evitar robos en casa

We wait for it throughout the year but when it arrives there is something that can make us not enjoy it as much. We talk about our vacation and the worry of leaving our house empty for so many days. Does it happen to you every time summer arrives? Well, the time has come to enjoy and be calm because we are going to give you the best advice to avoid burglaries at home.

7 things you can do to prevent home burglaries

Having an alarm or hiring home insurance will always give us peace of mind, but if this is not your case, there are several tactics to prevent robberies at home during our holidays. They are as follows:

Close doors and windows properly

It seems obvious but many people don’t. It is very important that we lock the entrance door because if we don’t do it the thieves will have it very easy to enter. The same with the windows, check that they are all closed perfectly.

Don’t leave your keys under the mat

Under the mat, in a pot or in the meter box. Thieves know all about it and will always look in the most typical places. They know that many people hide them there in case of an emergency. If you are worried about something unexpected, leave the keys with a family member or your friend.

Don’t pull down the blinds

Lowering all the blinds in our home not only prevents thefts, but attracts them. If someone wants to steal they will see that there is no one at home and having the shutters completely lowered for many days is a very clear indication that the house is empty. To avoid giving this feeling, lower them to a height that complicates the access but always leaving some gap pretending that we have thrown them anyway to prevent the sun from entering.

Be discreet when you leave

Don’t give any clues or signs that you’re leaving. You can tell your closest friends or a trusted neighbor that you’re going on vacation, but try not to spread it around too much (and that’s where social networking comes in: better post your vacation photos there when you get home). It is also important that when you load your bags in the car when you leave, you do so in a discreet place or in the garage.

Check your mailbox to prevent theft at home

A lot of letters in our mailbox can mean two things: that we are left behind or that we have gone on vacation. In summer clearly it’s usually the latter. So, if you have a trusted neighbor, ask him or her to pick up the letters and hold them for you until you return.

Do not completely disconnect the electricity

You may be afraid to leave certain electrical devices and appliances on, but you can always disconnect them directly from the power. Yes, it’s easier to turn everything off at once but think of it as a clear sign of absence if the doorbell is unplugged.

Don’t leave valuable items at home and make an inventory of the most important items

This won’t prevent home burglaries but it will keep the most valuable things like jewelry, money or cards from being taken if they get in. And, since there are certain items such as large televisions or valuable furniture that you can’t leave anywhere else, don’t forget to make an inventory of all those items in case you have to declare them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Consejos para Evitar robos en casa

With these tips to prevent burglaries at home, you can now go out quietly and worry exclusively about having a good time!

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