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Lessons From 2020 We Are Bringing Into 2021

Enseñanzas del 2020

We’re finally going to say goodbye to 2020. And although it hasn’t been an easy year, we like to keep the positive things. And it is that, whenever this date comes, we like to take stock and think about what we have learned and what the last return to the sun has contributed to us. The year 2020 has left us many lessons that will surely serve us for the coming times.

5 things we learned from 2020

To value freedom

After a few months without leaving home, we have realized how lucky we are to have the possibility of taking a simple walk in front of the sea or going out to ride a bike in the mountains. Now we value freedom more than ever and the year 2020 had to come to remind us of that, so we have to thank it for this, right? And even more so those of us who live on the coast, how wonderful it is!

Enjoy with friends and family

We still have to keep taking care of each other, keeping our distances and meeting in small groups, but still, how good it feels to have ours close, right? Being able to go out to our favorite restaurants or invite that special someone home is a real luxury.

To feel comfortable in our home

Our house has become our temple. We have become more homely and we have also started to enjoy it more. And those who have not enjoyed it have finally realized how necessary it is to feel at home. We must try to have a home that meets our needs!

Remote work is also viable

We have found that teleworking can also be a great opportunity to learn how to organize yourself better or to make more time for other things. The key is to create a good working area!

To live in the here and now

We have learned to enjoy the present more and stop thinking so much about the future. That happiness lies in the little things of life and that everyday life can also be wonderful.

And you, what lessons do you take from 2020? Whatever they are, apply them in this new year that begins. Happy New Year 2021!

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