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Living by the sea has many benefits, we’ll tell you!

Vivir cerca del mar

Do you think of moving or buying a house by the sea? If you have doubts and don’t dare to take a step, when you discover all the benefits it has, you will want to pack your bags!

The reasons why you’ll want to live near the sea

Helps to relax body and mind

Did you know that the human brain relaxes at the sight of seawater? Feeling the sea nearby, as well as hearing the sound of the waves, provides rest and makes you feel better. So imagine being able to enjoy this on a daily basis and all the side benefits it has such as improved sleep or mood.

Living by the sea improves breathing

Most nasal decongestants are composed of seawater rich in salt and iodine, just what we can find in the salty sea breeze. So being in contact with it helps us to clean our lungs as well as nasal decongestion and, in general, to have a better respiratory health.

Helps the immune system against infection

Sea iodine, as we told you before, has many benefits for our lungs. Well, it is also good for our immune system, helping it to fight disease and infection. And no, there is no need to bathe, the sea breeze carries it in its components so a simple walk along the shore already does us a lot of good.

Beneficios de Vivir cerca del mar

It’s good for your metabolism

The same applies to iodine and mineral salts: they support the metabolism by normalizing the production of thyroid hormones and improving the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Favors the heart

At sea level the atmospheric pressure is higher so the amount of oxygen is also higher. This translates into a better heart rate.

Good for the joints, muscles and skin

Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist, and if you live near the sea you have the opportunity to practice it much more often. When we swim and the waves hit us (slightly) we help to make our muscles stronger, as well as to have a visibly improved skin. In addition, pleasant walks on the beach are also wonderful for the hip, knee and foot joints.

Increases vitamin D absorption

If you live in a coastal area with a good climate, such as the Mediterranean, you will be able to spend more hours in the sun during the year. And this helps us absorb more vitamin D, which is essential for fighting depression, strengthening bones, the immune and digestive systems as well as hair and nails (provided we use protection).

Razones por las que vivir cerca del mar

Have you seen all the advantages of living by the sea? If you were thinking of buying a house near the beach, knowing all this, surely you have few doubts left to make your decision. The next step? Find the property of your dreams. And we at CHG know a lot about that. We have a great variety of properties in Oliva Nova among which you are sure to find the best one that fits your needs. Ask us, we’ll be delighted to help you and answer all your questions!

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