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How To Create The Perfect Workspace At Home

espacio de trabajo en casa

There are several things to consider when creating a workspace at home. If we are going to spend many days in front of the computer, we have to organize this area very well so that we can work as best as possible. Here’s how.

4 tips to have the ideal workspace at home

Find a good location

Not all of us have the same space or the same possibilities at home but, if possible, we should try to find an area of our home where we don’t have any distractions. An isolated room is the best option. If it is not possible, we can always set it up in the living room or in our bedroom as long as we know that we are going to be able to rest easy.

We must also take into account two other factors when choosing the location: the light and the internet connection. As far as light is concerned, it is best to have natural light or lighting similar to that of the sun. And, of course, we must have a good wifi signal (the better the internet is, the better and faster we’ll work).

espacio de trabajo en casa iluminado

Bet on white

White is synonymous with peace, luminosity and spaciousness. Is there anything that is needed more than this when working? White invites concentration, so it is important that we try to create a workspace at home in this tone.

espacio de trabajo en casa blanco

Order is paramount

Like everything, order is essential. And when it comes to working, it’s even more so. How do you order your workspace so that it invites concentration? Let’s start with the table: the clearer and free of things the better. Don’t have the pens scattered or the loose sheets. For small things you should have a special box to store them. For other items like books or calculators, have a drawer or a bookshelf nearby and take them out only when necessary.

Do you have little space to put furniture? No problem, you can always put shelves on the wall or bet on narrow shelves. You can also opt for a cork on which to puncture your sheets and post-its.


Give it a nice touch

While it is essential that our workspace at home is functional and free of distractions, it is also important that we find it cozy. To do this, nothing like giving our personal touch: a plant in the corner, a photo frame, flowers or a pen of our favorite color can achieve the effect we seek.

espacio de trabajo en casa CHG

If you take note of this, you will see how you adapt much better to teleworking and you will be much more efficient.

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