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Tips for creating a living room like in a decor magazine

Salón de revista

¿Te apasiona el mundo de la decoración y te encantaría tener un salón de revista? Conseguirlo es más sencillo de lo que imaginas. Con unos simples trucos deco podrás darle un aire nuevo y muy estiloso a tu cuarto de estar.

The sense of proportion

One of the most important things when decorating is that there is a balance between all the elements. It is essential that the proportions are balanced. The best thing is always that there is harmony and that the room is neither too empty nor too loaded.

Keep order in the living room

A tidy living room will always look better than one that is not. And we mean not only that there is no trash in a neat room, but that everything in it is well placed and in line with the aesthetics. For example, in the case of bookshelves, it is good that the books are well placed, following a pattern so that the space is not visually dirty.

Claves para conseguir un salón de revista
Via Pinterest (Opulent Memory)

TV should not take the spotlight

We will ask you a question, how many times have you seen a TV in the living room in a decor magazine? Think about it. With this we do not tell you not to have it, who does not like to sit on the couch and enjoy a good movie? What you have to try to achieve is that the decoration does not revolve around the TV or take the spotlight.

Give importance to views

It is true that not all views are the same, but giving importance to these (if they are pleasant) is essential. Try that the furniture does not cover them and that they are oriented to the outside. You will achieve greater visual amplitude and make the space look more welcoming.

Choose textiles well

Textiles are a fundamental part of a good decoration style. How to introduce them into the room? On the cushions you can combine different textures and shades to create more depth and movement. As for curtains, choose designs that have a nice drop and reach to the floor (which crumples a little at the end). And to give it the extra touch of warmth, choose to place blankets or plaids on one of the armrests of the sofa.

Details make the difference

This is where the decorative elements come into play. Choose unique pieces that make a difference: a beautiful vase, a sculpture above the coffee table, a lamp with a special lampshade… Also the flowers help a lot to dress the spaces as well as the classic “coffe table books”.

Via Pexels

Have you taken note? Then you’re ready to have a living room like in a decor magazine!

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