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How to keep the house clean and tidy with ease

Casa limpia y ordenada

If you are short of hours in the day but like to have your perfect home, you have come to the right place. Because we know how you can easily keep your house clean and tidy. The key? It’s not about spending a whole day organizing but about making small gestures every day that will cost you very little and with which you will achieve a lot.

This is what you have to do to have a clean and tidy house

Wash after each meal

Yes, we know that after eating you feel like sitting on the couch for a while to disconnect but this will only take a few minutes. When you finish your lunch, get up and wash each plate (or put it in the dishwasher). It seems obvious but many people leave them in the pile until they can’t fit any more and it’s time to wash up for a long time.

Fregadero de cocina

Throw away everything that you do not use or hinder

On many occasions it is difficult for us to get rid of things that really have no use and, in general, we are very careful to keep objects just in case in the future they come in handy or because, without knowing why, you have become fond of it. If this also happens to you, think about the following, how long have you been without using it? How many times have you thought about everything that is in the way? It’s time to say goodbye! The fewer obstacles at home, the more organized we will have it.

Make your bed every morning

In the morning we usually go in a great hurry and stop doing certain things that we later thank when we return home. One of them is making the bed. We wake up, have breakfast in a hurry and leave the bed unmade. So that this does not happen, propose to get up 5 minutes earlier to dedicate them. A well made bed gives a feeling of cleanliness and order and, therefore, it is a way to feel more comfortable in our house.

Cómo mantener la casa limpia y ordenada con facilidad

Don’t pile up all your clothes on the chair in your room

This is somewhat similar to the previous point. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we try on various things and then leave them on a chair for days. This also happens to us when we get home late and are so tired that we leave our clothes anywhere. But think about it, folding the clothes every day and keeping them in the wardrobe doesn’t cost that much and the well-being it provides is priceless.

Sweep and vacuum regularly

Dust, lint, dirt… They make our home look very bad. Having a clean and tidy house is achieved, in part, by sweeping and vacuuming. We know that this is one of the tasks that can cost us the most, but it must be done at least once a week. Otherwise it will accumulate and the process will become even less “pleasant”.

Don’t forget the storage spaces

Having good wardrobes and storage spaces is fundamental and our CHG properties count on it, but if you are one of those people who have clothes everywhere or simply need an extra space to store your things, don’t hesitate to buy furniture for it. The less you have in sight, more you will feel comfortable.

Cómo mantener la casa limpia y ordenada con facilidad

Now that you know how to keep the house clean and tidy without much effort, it is time to get down to work and fulfill the purpose of doing it. You will see how much more you enjoy your home!

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