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The most inspiring Instagram accounts on interior design

cuentas de Instagram de decoración

One of the things that makes us most excited when we enter the house (and when we have been in it for a while) is decorating it. There is nothing that makes us feel more comfortable in our home than to design it in a warm way and to our taste. However, not all of us have any idea about interior design, so inspiration is essential. To do this, we show you the Instagram accounts where you will find more ideas to get the house of your dreams.

6 Instagram accounts on home decorating according to your style

The first thing you have to do is think of the style you like for your house (classic, modern, minimalist…) And where is this house located: in front of the sea, in the city, or in the countryside… This way you will be able to get a clearer idea when following the Instagram accounts on interior design that best fit your home. We show you several that will help you.

My Scandinavian Home (for those who love Nordic style)

White spaces, lots of wood, natural light, plants everywhere… These are the characteristics that stand out the most in the Nordic style. If you like it, you have to discover the profile of Niki Brantmark, a Londoner based in Malmö, who shows the most spectacular interiors in the Scandinavian countries.

cuentas de Instagram de decoración nórdica

Miriam Alía (for the boldest)

The ideas of this Spanish interior designer are only suitable for the most daring. Her spaces are full of light and colour (especially pink tones) and also of details. Following her account you can see very striking projects in which old pieces are mixed with other much more modern ones.

cuentas de Instagram de decoración atrevida

Urban Couture Design (for minimalists)

If you feel identified with “less is more”, it is clear that minimalist spaces go with you. This style of decoration seeks beauty through simplicity and functionality, focusing attention on the most important elements. This way, these interiors lack many objects and movement. Do you want to know Instagram account where to find good ideas? Urban Couture Design.

cuentas de Instagram de decoración minimalista

Lorenzo Castillo (for lovers of classic style)

If you like antiques and you miss houses full of details, you have to follow decorator Lorenzo Castillo. His Instagram profile is full of good ideas for the lovers of the most classic deco: majestic spaces where furniture with history prevails and where fabrics and prints take a great importance. Furthermore, and although his style is classic, he knows how to mix patterns and shapes from different periods, which makes his style a real reference for those who are looking for an original and distinctive touch.

Lorenzo Castillo

Architectural Digest Spain (for those who love fancy houses and trends)

This is one of the most important trendsetters on home decorating globally. Well, following this Instagram account you can find everything you need for your home if you love design and like to be up to date with trends. In addition, you can also discover countless professionals and firms related to this world.

Ad Spain

English Eccentric Home (for the romantic ones)

If you are one of those who would love to live in the classic house in the English countryside, with wallpapered walls, with dining rooms full of vintage dishes and surrounded by a garden full of roses, you are a romantic and you should know the profile we recommend. You may not live in the country of Big Ben, but you can decorate your home as you would live there. Following English Eccentric account on Instagram you will find the perfect inspiration for this.

cuentas de Instagram de decoración inglesa

After viewing them, which of all these Instagram accounts are you going to follow? We encourage you to investigate them! In addition, this time when we spend a lot of time at home is ideal to give a turn to our home.

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