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These Are the Decoration Trends for 2020

Tendencias de decoración

If you have just bought a new house or just want to change the interior design, you need to know the decoration trends for 2020. Deco trends that are already starting to settle in the interior and that next year will settle completely to fill with elegance and style all the corners of the house. We’ll tell you what they are.

The 5 deco trends you have to bet on this year


Gold isn’t just for jewelry. It can also dress up our home. Where should we use gold in the interior? In details such as table elements or shelves and also in faucets, doorknobs and wardrobes and decorative objects such as lamps or mirrors.

Tendencias de decoración 2020
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Light tones always work. Who doesn’t want to risk betting on them? But the most intrepid dare with the black and triumph. Sofas, chairs, cushions… Do not be afraid and choose to include brushstrokes of this color in different places of the house. You will bring a lot of elegance.

Tendencias decorativas del 2020
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Until a few years ago marble was a virtually exclusive material in areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom where it was used on countertops. Now it is used on all types of furniture and accessories: coffee tables, side tables, vases

Mármol para decoración
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Curved lines

Say goodbye to extreme minimalism and straight lines because this year curves are coming. Armchairs, mirrors, tables … Everything comes with round or rounded shapes.

Tendencias de decoración
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Velvet has been stepping hard for a long time and will continue to do so in 2020. The most common is to see velvet on pillows or cushions, although it has more and more presence in furniture covering the most sophisticated sofas.

Tendencias de decoración: terciopelo
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Now that you know what the decoration trends are for the year 2020, it’s time to get down to work and make your house trendy.

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