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Why you should buy the property built by CHG

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Purchase of a property is a very important step in our life. The process of choosing an apartment or a house is accompanied by strong doubts and uncertainty. That’s why it is essential to know whom to trust when you’ve made a decision to buy a property. There are a lot of real estate companies, but not all of them are the same (or offer the same). CHG is a safe bet! Do you want to dispel all your doubts? We’ll tell you everything.

comprar una vivienda


All properties of CHG are located in a privileged place, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca. And not only that! Its gastronomic offer, climate and natural parks make this area the ideal place to have here your home.


But not everything is outside, the interiors are one of the most important points to decide. And if you want that your future home has a fantastic design, not only be big and comfortable, with CHG it’s possible!

comprar una vivienda

Comprehensive services

Leaving aside the material part when you buy a property, the service provided by the real estate agency is also very important. CHG not only gives you a personalized advice, but also gives you all the information you ask for, helps you to make a decision. And (one of the most attractive news) you can visit your future home without leaving yout seat.

CHG Guarantees

Two essential things that CHG offers you are: tranquility and security. The company has been working in the sector for more than 40 years, and customers are always the most important.

comprar una vivienda


All the materials that CHG uses to construct the buildings are of first quality. The company will accompany you during the first 10 years taking charge of the possible deficiencies that may arise.

Common areas

Since the house should serve you for a long time of your life it must adapt as a glove to all your needs. Whether you intend to expand the family, or if you are looking for a home as a couple or alone, the common areas of all our properties will make you fall in love. Huge green areas, swimming pools, parking lots… A real dream!

comprar una vivienda

After sales service

And last but not least, once you buy your home, CHG continues to accompany you for any problem or doubt that may arise.

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