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How to create the perfect bedroom

Dormitorio perfecto

The bedroom is designed for rest and relaxation. And although we can also use it for other things such as storage or work, its main function is rest. The CHG apartments and villas are made with great care and from the best materials to make your stay the most comfortable. Therefore, you have the point of winning. But when you live in it, it’s up to you to do a little bit of your part so you could enjoy the perfect bedroom 100%. We’ll tell you how to do it!

6 key elements of a perfect bedroom


Luminous intensity

There are those who can sleep in broad daylight but the truth is that the less intensity of light we have the better we will rest. Close the curtains and turn off all the light-emitting devices. And never get into bed with your smartphone in your hand, it’ll wake you up and delay in falling asleep.

Everything in its place

Sometimes life doesn’t give us the opportunity to have everything perfect, but if you don’t organize your place of rest it will be worse. And one of the keys of relaxation is to have everything in your place. Bet on the Feng Shui technique and discover all the benefits it has. You’ll see how it helps you!


Did you know that the colors you choose to decorate your room can affect your mood? For the perfect bedroom, the best option is to choose the light tones and pastel as they encourage relaxation.

Dormitorio perfecto


Our properties are equipped with excellent heating and air conditioning systems, so there is no excuse to get the ideal temperature for sleep. What’s the best temperature for sleep? Experts recommend between around 18-21 degrees Celsius.

Low noise

Who can sleep well with a lot of background noise? Few people would raise their hands to this answer. Environmental noise is one of the main causes of sleep disruption. It’s lucky that CHG buildings have quality walls and windows. But, if you are one of those who like to sleep with the window open, use ear plugs to be in complete silence.


A comfortable bed is a good investment. Many problems of night’s sleep come from an uncomfortable mattress and an inappropriate pillow.

Dormitorio perfectamente ordenado

Do you think you have the perfect bedroom or do you have to make some changes to sleep better?

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