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The best tips for a healthier vacation

Vacaciones saludables

August is the official holiday month. The month in which the vast majority of us turn off our computers and go away for a few days near the sea to disconnect and enjoy with our loved ones. And since they are a few days of relaxation, we usually indulge ourselves in those whims that we have not given ourselves during the year, such as eating everything we want, lying down for hours in the hammock or buying whatever we want. We’ll not say that it is not great because doing this is wonderful and we deserve to pamper ourselves a lot, but we must be aware that we must not lose the good habits, just relax them. That is why we encourage you to go for a healthy vacation without giving up the good life. Yes, it is possible and we are going to tell you about it below.

5 ways to have a healthy vacation

Eating well

Of course, you have to indulge yourself. Enjoying a burger, ordering food delivery or having a creamy ice cream while we take a walk in the afternoon is great. But that doesn’t mean we do it every day. The point is to follow a healthy diet in a responsible way without depriving ourselves from time to time of the cravings that we have.

Vacaciones saludables

Protecting our skin

It is necessary to use sunscreen throughout the year, not only in summer, but now it is more essential than ever to put on a high protection factor to avoid sunburn and possible future problems. If you want to spend the whole morning in the hammock, do it! But don’t punish your skin because you’re lazy.


It’s true that on vacation there are many of us whose favorite sport is lying on a towel, but exercising is fundamental to feeling good. This does not mean that you have to go to the gym for two hours every day, but it does mean that you do move a little whether you are swimming, trekking or, if you want, practising one of the fun water sports that are so popular nowadays.

Taking care of our teeth

Spending more time away from home sometimes makes us forget to brush our teeth after meals. The consequence? Appearance of cavities or other oral problems. For this reason we recommend that you always carry a toothbrush with you so that you can brush your teeth wherever you go.

Carrying a small first aid kit with us

You don’t have to carry a big bag with all kinds of medicine. Although it is convenient to put in the suitcase some basics like band-aids, hydrogen peroxide or ibuprofen in case we have any unexpected problems.

Vacaciones saludables

Have you taken note of everything? You’re ready for a healthy vacation. Are you coming to Oliva Nova to enjoy it with us?

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