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Garbage Rate: What Is It And How Does It Work?

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What exactly is the garbage rate?

This is the local amount that citizens pay in exchange for the collection and processing of garbage. As it is something local, the garbage rate is not the same for all municipalities, each locality has a different one.

Types of garbage rates

There are two types of garbage rates:

Fixed: It is one in which all the people of the municipality pay the same amount, regardless of the characteristics of their property (meters, cadastral value, etc.)

Variable: This is a personalized amount for each home.

What does it include?

This rate not only includes garbage collection but also the cleaning of the containers, the transport and storage of these, as well as the separation and classification for the subsequent recycling of the waste in specialized plants.

Without a doubt, this is an essential service for the safety and health of all localities.

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Who pays it, owner or tenant?

This is a doubt that always arises when we live in a rented house or have our property rented. The garbage rate, is it paid by the owner or the tenant? Usually, the owner of a property is the one who has to pay the rate of the area where the service is provided. In the event that he/she wants to rent it out, he/she must agree in the contract who of the two people will take care of it.

Is the garbage rate of a second home paid?

The answer is yes. Even if we do not live in it and do not generate waste, we will have to pay the garbage rate for all our properties.

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