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The best challenges to take up these weeks

Last two months we had more time to think about ourselves, our family, about what surrounded us, and about our future… And, although we are slowly starting to get back to normal life, we still have a few more weeks to do something useful for us. Let´s take advantage of the moment and set some […]

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Easy and fun recipes to prepare with children

If you are looking for ideas of what to do with the little ones, we suggest you cook, because it is something that they enjoy very much. So, if you need inspiration, here are three recipes to prepare with children of all ages. Take note! 3 recipes to prepare with children Fruit ice lollies This […]

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How To Make A Homemade Photo Album

These days when our plans can be summed up as being at home, the best thing we can do is take advantage of them to make all those things we always let go of due to lack of time. And one of them is to finally give shape to that photo album that we never […]

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When we go out, this is what we’ll do

These days when we spend so much time at home, we think more about it. Mind you, positive thoughts haunt us too. To stay strong, it’s good to try to be as upbeat as possible. A way to have good energy? To have illusions. When we have them we feel good, we feel full and […]

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How To Create The Perfect Workspace At Home

There are several things to consider when creating a workspace at home. If we are going to spend many days in front of the computer, we have to organize this area very well so that we can work as best as possible. Here’s how. 4 tips to have the ideal workspace at home Find a […]

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3 Plans You Can Do At Home

Now we are living unusual days and it seems that it will remain so for a long time. So let’s be patient. And let’s be imaginative! What can we do to stay active and productive? From CHG we give you ideas of plans to do at home. Note them all and take advantage of this […]

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Third Edition of La Razón Comunitat Valenciana Awards

A few days ago the third edition of La Razón Comunitat Valenciana Awards was held, in which the trajectory and work of companies and personalities from this region were awarded. “These awards give well-deserved recognition to so many companies and institutions that make the progress and prosperity of the Valencian Community possible every day,” commented […]

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Father’s Day 2020: The Best Ideas To Celebrate It

Father, there’s only one. And, although every day we must show him our love, it’s always great to have a date to remind him how much we love him. So said and done, on March 19th we celebrate his day. How we celebrate it is up to you. Do you lack ideas for this Father’s […]

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