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Exclusive Beach Wedding Venue

Who has never dreamed of getting married on the beach? Walking to the altar on the sand, having the sea as a horizon, soundtrack breaking the waves… It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Without a doubt it is one of the most recurrent fantasies when it comes to celebrating a wedding. Of course, in most cases […]

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VAT on a New Build Property

Before we buy a house, we have to know all the expenses we’re going to meet. Recently we described the taxes to be paid when buying a house and among them we talked about the VAT. Today we´ll go deeper into this issue so that you are well informed and do not get caught by […]

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Last Unit of Malibu Beach III: Don’t Wait Any Longer To Get It!

The perfect Mediterranean climate, the sea and the peace of the environment… There are many things that make Oliva Nova one of the best destinations to live or to spend the holidays. But not only these characteristics make this magnificent enclave a unique place. There are also such things as sports you can practice or […]

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A 5% profitability with the CHG guarantee

Turn the purchase of your home into a save investment Buying a house is always a good investment. But there is always a doubt about how to translate this step into profitability when it comes to renting it. Many factors influence when offering your attractive, well designed and located property. To rent your house will […]

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Buying A Property: Tax Facts To Know

If you’re thinking of buying a house in Spain or you’re about to sign a purchase agreement, this information may be of interest to you! Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the taxes when buying a property. Make a note when your time comes. Tax on the Purchase of a New […]

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In CHG we also make renovations

To find the house of your dreams is not always an easy task. Even if we find a house that is very close to what we are looking for, it does not convince us. The good news is that there is a solution. To make a renovation! And even if at first glance this isn’t […]

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