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Come To Oliva Nova For A Long Weekend In Early December

A long weekend in early December is the perfect time. And yes, all the long weekends are wonderful and great for disconnecting. But if there’s one that everyone in Spain gets most excited about, it’s the Constitution Day, because it is the first “long weekend” for almost everyone. In addition, at this time the winter […]

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Black Friday: CHG also joins

After gradually penetrating our culture we can say that Black Friday has already settled definitively as an annual tradition. And the fact is that we like it because it’s a good opportunity to save for Christmas. As we know that you also love it (who doesn’t?), our company CHG wants to join this campaign so that you can enjoy […]

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How To Save At Home: The Tips You Need

On November 17 the “Debt Free Day” is celebrated. Yes, there are days for everything. But does it not serve as a good excuse to make us aware of things that, perhaps, if they do not remind us, we leave them forgotten? Well, today is a perfect opportunity to think about how to save at […]

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Residential Complex Hoyo 17, New Proposal From CHG

Is there anything more wonderful than getting up in the morning at home and seeing the sea? Well, if this is one of your cherished desires, now you’re closer to checking your list of dreams to be fulfilled. At CHG we have new promotions for you to enjoy life on the shores of the Mediterranean. […]

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How To Save Energy At Home

The 21st of October is World Energy Conservation Day, so it seems to us the best time for reflection on our energy consumption. It is the Earth that provides us with the main sources of energy, and if we want it to continue to do so, we must not abuse it and make rational use […]

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Cycling, the Sport That Has More And More Followers

Every year new fashions are introduced. Some are better than others. But the truth is that for some time there has been a very healthy and fun trend. We’re talking about cycling, the sport that is now very popular among young and men over 40 and is full of benefits. We’ll tell you about these […]

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These Are the Decoration Trends for 2020

If you have just bought a new house or just want to change the interior design, you need to know the decoration trends for 2020. Deco trends that are already starting to settle in the interior and that next year will settle completely to fill with elegance and style all the corners of the house. […]

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Home Insurance Policy – How to Hit the Target

Home insurance is essential to protect us against possible unforeseen events in our home. A robbery, a malfunction, a common incident… With insurance you’ll live with the peace of mind. If something happens in your home, you’ll have a quick and effective solution at your fingertips. However, before getting your home insurance take note of […]

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