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President Of The Condominium Community: All You Need To Know

When we buy a house or an apartment in a building, we enter the wonderful world of the neighborhood community. Yes, although they have tried to sell us on television and comedy shows that can be something at least catastrophic, the truth is that living on a farm has many benefits. But hey, we are […]

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The Best Destinations In The Valencian Community

The 9th of October is the Day of the Valencian Community, a special date for those of us who live here. Therefore, to celebrate this day, from the company CHG we want to recommend some of the best destinations to visit and enjoy our beloved land. 5 places in the Valencian Community that you will […]

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These Are The Most Successful Decoration Trends In 2021

Do you think of making a change to your house? Before you start renovating it, consider the decorating trends of 2021 to dress up your home. We’ll tell you which ones are the most important. 6 key decoration trends in 2021 Navy blue During 2020 navy blue or classic blue has been one of the […]

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How to keep the house clean and tidy with ease

If you are short of hours in the day but like to have your perfect home, you have come to the right place. Because we know how you can easily keep your house clean and tidy. The key? It’s not about spending a whole day organizing but about making small gestures every day that will […]

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Purposes of the new course (to be implemented at home)

The return from the holidays marks the beginning of the new course, and with it comes that moment when we set new goals and challenges to start it in the best possible way. Surely you have already thought of something to do, haven’t you? Take more time for your family, be more productive at work, […]

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The most wanted houses now have a garden or terrace

After a few months in which we have spent a lot of time at home, we have started to see our home in a different way. In addition, teleworking has become part of many people’s lives, so the concept of our home has changed. Our needs have changed and now we give priority to larger, […]

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Apartment or house, what to choose?

Many people know what they want when they decide to invest in a property, but many can’t stop thinking about it because they don’t know which of the two options to choose. Apartment or individual house? If you have doubts, it is best to know the advantages of each one and, thus, choose what best […]

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How to protect your home during vacation

We wait for it throughout the year but when it arrives there is something that can make us not enjoy it as much. We talk about our vacation and the worry of leaving our house empty for so many days. Does it happen to you every time summer arrives? Well, the time has come to […]

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