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Factors That Increase The Value Of A Home

Factores que aumentan el valor de una casa

Si If you are thinking about buying a home or have in mind selling yours, you should know what are the factors that increase the value of a property. In this way you can get a better idea of the price for which to acquire it or put it on sale.

These are the characteristics that increase the value of a property

  • Location: The housing situation is very important. What is usually taken into account in this regard? That it is located on a main or secondary street, that it has access to public transport, that it is close to the sea if it is on the coast or that it has easy access to basic services such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.
  • Quality: It is essential that the building is of good quality, as well as having certain amenities. Whether it is a single-family house or a flat within a building, it must have good electrical facilities, good finishes, little noise pollution… 
  • Services: Having a concierge, pool and garden maintenance or cleaning service will make the property increase its value.
  • Energy efficiency: We are increasingly aware of the environment and having an energy efficient home is one of our priorities. In addition, such a home helps to reduce the cost of its maintenance.
  • Natural light: The more natural light and better lighting, more happiness and less expenses. This translates, of course, into greater value.
  • Outdoor areas: Both the garden (either communal or private) and the terrace or balcony increase the value of a property. In fact, although this is something that has always provided a plus to real estate, since the pandemic the demand for housing with these characteristics has multiplied.

5 characteristics that decrease its value

  • It is an interior flat, with little light and bad ventilation.
  • The distribution is poor and the space is badly used.
  • If it is a multi-storey building, which does not have an elevator.
  • It is poorly located and has few services around it.
  • It has a lot of noise.

And you, would you add any more factors to these two lists?

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