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What You Should Not Do When Decorating A Children’s Room

Decorar una habitación infantil

We think a lot about our living room, bedroom, bathroom… But if we have children, we also have to think about them when decorating their bedroom. We are sure you get a lot of ideas, don’t you? Their favorite drawings, lots of color… Well, we’ll tell you that there will be things that will go very well in their bedroom, but there will also be things that are better forgotten. How? Keep reading to know how to decorate a children’s room correctly!

6 mistakes when decorating a children’s room

Misuse of colors

Usually, when we think of the little ones, color is one of the first things that comes to mind. And yes, in a way it’s good that their room has color. But don’t overdo it! It is better to opt for more neutral and less perishable shades in time. Also, don’t overdo it so that you don’t over stimulate him or her at bedtime. Pastel tones will always be the best choice.

Forgetting about their growth

Maybe we’ll see a nice, cool bed for our son or daughter’s room. But of course, it’s small and it won’t last long either. Do you really want to spend all that money for such a short time? Remember, he or she’ll grow up, so when you buy furniture and decorative items, make sure they hold up.

Allow live with disorder

Yes, we know they are children and just because they are children they are usually messy. Toys, pencils, dolls… It’s most common for a child’s room to be a case. But it’s one thing for them to be messy when they’re playing, another to be messy all the time. Is that the best solution? A shelf with boxes in which they can store everything once they’ve finished playing with it. They have to learn to pick up, too!

Decorar una habitación infantil | CHG

Accumulating junk

Having too many things in a room is not advisable either, as they make it untidy and distract children. Better a few and well chosen things than many things everywhere. Besides, this way you teach them not to accumulate and Marie Kondo will thank you for it.

Not protecting the walls

When they’re little, you know. One day they’ll use the wall as a canvas and the next day they’ll throw something against it. So, the best thing we can do is to protect it. How? There are several options such as lining a wall with a slate so they can paint on it, lining it with some nice washable paper (which besides being something aesthetic will help prevent damage to the wall), or putting a baseboard at half height.

Do not put carpets

In their early years children usually spend most of their time on the floor. This is certainly a good reason to put down comfortable, warm carpets for children to play on.

Decorar una habitación infantil

What do you think of our tips for decorating a children’s room? Have you considered them before? If not, you know, if you have children and you have just bought a house from CHG, take note of everything we have told you to get their bedroom right.

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