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Why buy a second home

Segunda vivienda

Are you thinking of buying a second home? Would you like to have a little house by the sea to escape to when you feel like it? This is without a doubt one of the things we dream of most in our lives. Well, if you’ve been thinking about taking this step, CHG encourages you to do so!

What are the advantages of having a second home?

  • Comfort and freedom: If the purpose of buying a second home is to enjoy it as much as possible, flexibility is one of the main advantages you will find in owning it. How many times did you have to change your plans because you could not find a suitable accommodation for your needs? And how many times did you have to leave the property early because you had to return the keys? If you have your own home, you don’t have to worry about making reservations and you have more freedom of movement (you can even decide on the same day if you are going to travel).
  • Profit: Having a second home not only ensures you a smooth vacation at the time of your choice. You can also generate income by renting it out for those months or days when it is not occupied, especially if your home is in an area with a good climate on the coast. Buying a second home is always a good investment!
Sevilla 7
Sevilla 7
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Where to buy a second home?

As we mentioned in the previous point, the coast is always a good option. The properties near the beach are very well valued as it is one of the main tourist destinations, we all need at least a few days near the sea a year! And not only in summer: more and more people escape to the coast even in winter. And the climate should be favorable (even if we don’t wear our swimsuits, people look for a pleasant temperature and therefore enjoy the good weather that their home towns do not offer).

What is the perfect place? The Costa Blanca! It has it all: incredible houses and apartments, miles of beaches, gastronomy, sports, relaxation and, of course, good weather. So you know where you have to look to get your second home. And if you allow us to give you some advice, within the Costa Blanca you can’t miss Oliva Nova and Denia! CHG has the best offers of properties for you to make this dream come true. Sevilla 7 is a good example: this new residential complex has perfect apartments for couples or families and is located in front of the golf course and a few meters from the beach (in addition to offering endless amenities). You have to discover it, as well as the rest of the offers that we have in CHG. You will see how easy we make it for you to finally take the step that you have been thinking about for so long!

Segunda vivienda en la Costa Blanca
Sevilla 7
Segunda vivienda en la playa
Sevilla 7
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