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Where To Get A Manicure In Oliva Nova

manicura en Oliva Nova

Taking care of yourself is fashionable, there is no doubt about that. More and more people are betting on leading a lifestyle in which their well-being and feeling at ease with themselves prevail. Pampering yourself both inside and out is part of our routine, and manicure is one of those practices that more adepts is conquering in recent times (and not only women). So, if you are one of those people who like to pay attention to their aesthetics (and you are on the Costa Blanca) we are going to tell you which is the key direction to get a manicure in Oliva Nova.

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel, the place to go to get a manicure in Oliva Nova

Our hotel is characterized by having a wide variety of services for residents and visitors of this area. Beauty treatments are part of our offer and among the proposals we have countless options. Manicure is one of them.

Manicure in Oliva Nova

Getting a manicure in Oliva Nova is a whole experience. And, in addition to achieving impeccable and lasting results, the process is wonderful. Carried out by professionals, the course of the treatment is very pleasant and is greatly enjoyed since they do it with a lot of care.

What kind of manicures can be found here?

  • Lady Like Manicure: Complete manicure with exfoliation and mask and with traditional enamel. Lasts 45 minutes.
  • Always Perfect Manicure: Complete manicure with exfoliation and mask and permanent enamel. The process is 55 minutes.
  • Hands Grooming (For Gents Only): Trim of nails and cuticles and massage for 25 minutes.
manicura en Oliva Nova


When we go to do our nails, especially in summer when we wear sandals, we usually complement the manicure with a pedicure. If you want to opt for this treatment, in addition to your hands, these are the options you have to do it:

  • Beach Sandal Pedicure: It is a complete pedicure with exfoliation and mask, and traditional enamel. 55 minutes.
  • Always Perfect Pedicure: Complete pedicure with exfoliation and mask, and permanent enamel. It also lasts 55 minutes.
  • Foot Grooming (For Gents Only): Complete pedicure with exfoliation and mask. 45 minutes.
pedicura en Oliva Nova

Other beauty treatments you can enjoy

The best thing about the Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel is that you have a huge menu of offers to take care of yourself and also relax. Among its services, it also has hair removal for all areas of the body and face, as well as other options such as massages and facial and body treatments to get you ready and, in addition, disconnect from the world.

Tratamientos de belleza en Oliva Nova

ASo, if you come on vacation or live in the area, you already know where to go to pamper yourself and enjoy

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