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When we go out, this is what we’ll do

Lo que haremos cuando salgamos de la cuarentena

These days when we spend so much time at home, we think more about it. Mind you, positive thoughts haunt us too. To stay strong, it’s good to try to be as upbeat as possible. A way to have good energy? To have illusions. When we have them we feel good, we feel full and motivated. And this enthusiastic feeling is what we need in order not to turn off our light.

What we dream about these days keeps us positive

As we’ve told you, illusion is what keeps us motivated, so we must try to live with it to be better. You should dream of those things you’ll do when this situation passes and, in truth, it works. CHG can offer you many points of attraction for your minds. We transfer them to you so that, if you haven’t already, you dream them too.

To go sea-bathing

Is there anything more enjoyable than taking baths in seawater? Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest pleasures that nature gives us. Getting up from the towel, walking along the sand towards the shore and feeling the waves brushing our toes. Looking at the horizon and throwing ourselves into the water to stay for a long time rocking in the sea. You feel like it, don’t you? Soon, very soon you’ll be able to do it.

To make sand castles on the beach

Whether we have children or not, making sand castles is a fun activity. With our children it is very special because seeing them happy makes us happy. But we love it alone too. Sand castles are synonymous with summer, carefree, relaxing and joyful. Is there a better feeling? The beach of Oliva Nova is waiting for you!

To bring together our loved ones

This is indeed a good dream. Few things excite us as much as reuniting with the ones we love the most: our parents, friends and family. Few things keep us more excited than the moment to see them again, to meet them at home, to drink beer with them, to share paella and to hug them.

To go out for a drink

Going out for a drink beyond our terrace is something we also dream about. To be able to go to our favorite restaurants and taste the best dishes of our area with the best friends. And to have those after-dinner drinks that last until late evening, that we don’t forget.

To do sports away from home

When all this is over we’ll go to play golf to the golf course, to go cycling on the best routes of the Costa Blanca, to play tennis with our friends, and to go to the gym to get back in shape.

To go back for a walk in Oliva Nova

Something as simple as a walk has become a real luxury. It is one of those things that we’ll enjoy very much. Imagine us walking through the streets of Oliva Nova and seeing its picturesque areas and its people puts us in a good mood.

Oliva nova

This is what we dream of most and what we’ll do first as soon as everything returns to a normal life. And you, what will you do when all this is over?

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