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What is the function of the guarantor in the purchase or rental of a property?

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Surely you have heard this word many times and you may have an idea of what it is, but do you know exactly what its function is? Do you know what it must provide and the differences between a mortgage guarantor and a tenant guarantor? We tell you everything you need to know.

What is a guarantor?

When we are going to buy a house (or when we are going to rent it) it is necessary to guarantee that the payment will be carried out. The guarantor is the person in charge of paying the debt in the event that the buyer or landlord is unable to do so.

What exactly does he have to do? The guarantor must sign a deed in which he waives the benefits of order, division and excursion.

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What is required of a person to be able to guarantee? They must have a fixed income (whether they are a worker or a pensioner), be solvent and have no debts.

What is the risk of guaranteeing someone? Before signing, you should be aware that you run certain risks if you have to respond to debts. Normally, everything runs its course and there are no surprises, but if the holder is unable to pay, the guarantor must be aware that he or she has the same obligations as the holder and that, in the worst case scenario, he or she will have to respond with his or her assets.

Differences between mortgage guarantors and tenant guarantors

The purpose of the mortgage guarantor is to guarantee the payment of the purchase of the property to the bank in the event that the owner is unable to pay.

The tenant guarantor has a similar function to that of the mortgagee but in this case it is the guarantor who responds to non-payment by the tenant if the latter does not comply with the rental contract.

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Have we solved your doubts on this subject? If you are interested in this type of subject, do not hesitate to visit our blog to find out everything you need to know about buying and renting property.

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