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Last Unit of Malibu Beach III: Don’t Wait Any Longer To Get It!

Malibú Beach III

The perfect Mediterranean climate, the sea and the peace of the environment… There are many things that make Oliva Nova one of the best destinations to live or to spend the holidays. But not only these characteristics make this magnificent enclave a unique place. There are also such things as sports you can practice or leisure activities you can enjoy here. And, of course, the spectacular houses and apartments we have in CHG. A good home makes things change a lot.

Today we want to tell you about the latter. It is important to live in a good house in which you can feel comfortable. The residential complex Malibu Beach III has everything you need to live in the resort and enjoy it. So wonderful are its advantages that today there is only one unit left for sale. The CHG customers liked this complex so much! And we want to warn you that you have one last chance to get the last unit before it’s too late.

If you haven’t known this complex yet, we’ll tell you about it:

  • Residential complex Malibú Beach III Phase III consists of luxury chalets with spacious landscaped areas and a communal pool (and one, only one chalet is waiting for you).
  • It has a very good location: a few meters from the sea and very close to the Oliva Nova golf course.
  • Exclusive selection of high quality materials.
  • Design of the houses is beautiful (you can see in the pictures below).

Interior de una casa en Malibú Beach III

Vivienda CHG en Oliva Nova


You like what you see, don’t you? So don’t leave it for later and call us or visit us. We’ll give you the full information and you can finally have the house you’ve always wanted.

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