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This Is The Best Destination To Spend Your Easter Holidays

Vacaciones de Semana Santa en Oliva Nova

The Easter holidays are just around the corner, so you have to organize your plan before it’s too late. Of course, we cannot recommend you another place other than Oliva Nova to spend them. Whether as a couple, with family or with friends, this is a fabulous destination to enjoy this date. We give you the reasons:

The reasons why you will love spending the Easter holidays in Oliva Nova

Oliva Nova has everything to be able to enjoy a few days of disconnection. It is a place where you can make countless plans and where you can find a great variety of options, in addition to the climate and the privileged location.

Vacaciones de Semana Santa en Oliva Nova

  • Climate: When we go on a trip, a good climate is essential. And while it is true that it is something that, wherever we go, can always surprise us and it is not something 100% sure, going to a place where the vast majority of the year is good is a plus point. Oliva Nova is that destination where during the almost 365 days you can count on sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
  • The sea: For those who live in an inland city or town, the sea is one of the biggest attractions when they go on vacation. How much peace and relaxation does its vastness convey? How wonderful is it to walk along the beach or sit reading a book listening to the waves break? Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean in all its splendor.
  • Gastronomy: When we go on vacation we like to eat well. That’s so. So knowing that we can count on good restaurants is one of those reasons why we go to one place or another. In Oliva Nova you’ll have the best restaurants.
  • Environment: With a good climate, beach and good gastronomy, we already have enough good reasons for the Easter vacation. But if we add to those reasons a unique environment, where we can also escape to the mountains or go on an excursion, the decision is final, don’t you think?
  • Sports: For athletes Oliva Nova is a paradise. And when we talk about athletes, we are talking about a very large range: golfers, cyclists, tennis and paddle lovers, gym addicts… Whatever you like, here you will find the best facilities to put it into practice.
  • Relaxation: If what you are looking for is to escape from the stress of everyday life, rest assured that you will get it here. And not only for changing the air and enjoying the peace that the sea or nature transmits, but also for all the options offered by the Wellness Spa of the hotel to conquer maximum relaxation: treatments, massages, spa circuit…
  • Accommodation: In Oliva Nova you have all the options to stay in the way you want and in which you feel most comfortable: hotel room, holiday apartments, villas… Where do you prefer?
  • It is also ideal for children: If you come with children, Oliva Nova is also your destination. Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort has a wide range of family leisure so that the little ones also have a great time.
Vacaciones de Semana Santa en Oliva Nova

Have you seen how many reasons to spend your Easter holidays in this fabulous area on the Costa Blanca? We are waiting for you!

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