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The Reasons Why 2021 Is A Good Year To Purchase Property

Comprar una casa en 2021

The year 2020 was a year of reflection. And one of the most recurrent thoughts was to think about purchasing a new home. That’s because our needs have changed! What’s the good news? The year 2021 is the perfect time to buy a property. We´ll tell you why.

Interest rates are lower

If one of your concerns when buying a home is the mortgage, this year will be perfect to dare to get into one. Interest rates have come down and it looks like they will remain low for the next few months. Of course, we must not forget that the rules of the banks will continue to be strict.

Property is still a good investment choice

Purchasing property is a great investment both ways. First, because you have to make a large outlay of money and that can be scary. But it is also a great investment because it offers a remarkable positive return. And, although in recent times profitability has suffered a decline due to the crisis, this has been slight and may still have an upward path. So, if you are looking to invest to rent or sell in a few years, the year 2021 is a good opportunity.

New buildings have great opportunities

Our needs have changed in the past year. Now we are looking for more spacious houses, with terraces or garden, with more light… And this generally does not occur in central and old houses. To find these characteristics we must go to new buildings, houses in peripheral areas where the price is lower.

Technology makes it easier for us

Finding what we are looking for is now much easier thanks to digital real estate tools. Now we have the opportunity to see many options without having to scroll: we can filter our preferences, we have mortgage simulators, view high-quality images and even video…

And you, do you dare to buy a house in 2021? Remember that at CHG we have the best offers a few meters from the sea.

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