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The Most Beautiful And Easiest To Maintain Indoor Plants

Plantas de interior fáciles de mantener

Including nature within our home is one of the most trendy decorative solutions and without a doubt indoor plants are a good resource to give life and freshness to our home. Of course, we are not all experts in indoor plants. If you are a beginner and do not know which ones work best in a closed space or the easiest to maintain, do not worry because below we give you some pointers.

The 5 easiest indoor plants to care for

Ficus Lyrata

If you are looking for an indoor plant that brings a lot of nature and a lot of green, Ficus Lyrata is the one you are looking for. In addition, it grows quite a lot so you can give it a lot of prominence in any corner of the house. It is evergreen, very resistant and needs very easy care: do not give the light directly, do not water it excessively and do not withstand temperatures below 15 degrees. It´s simple, right?

Plantas de interior fáciles de mantener: Ficus


Not all plants bring only greenery, there are also those that add a lot of color to our rooms. One of them is Croton that mixes, in addition to the green color, reddish and brown tones. Its care is also very simple: place it near a window so that the sun’s rays reach it, water it sparingly (without drenching its roots) and spray it with warm water from time to time.

Plantas de interior fáciles de mantener: croton

Common Ferm

Fern is a very decorative plant, in addition it grows tall. With a very special aesthetic, it does not require too much maintenance: simply water it without excess and place it in a place without direct sun. And remember that it can grow a lot so, if you like it with a large size, look for a pot and a wide corner.

Helecho común


If you are one of those who cannot hold plants for a week, cacti are your allies. And, as we all know, they hardly need water (although they do need light). How to include them in our house? As there are more than 2000 varieties of cacti, the possibilities to decorate our rooms are endless. The common thing is to place them, if it is a large variety, giving it prominence in some corner of the room. And if what you are looking for is to give a decorative touch to a space, you can combine different options on a table, a dresser or on a window sill.


Aloe Vera

Surely when you hear about Aloe Vera the classic after-sun lotions come to mind. This plant has many medicinal properties. But in addition to providing many benefits to our skin, it is also a precious element for our home with very simple maintenance: you must place it in a sunny place, water it sporadically and fertilize it (with natural fertilizer) during spring.

Plantas de interior fáciles de mantener: aloe vera

Which of all the indoor plants do you like the most? If you love nature and vegetation, here we leave you more ideas to get started in this world and create your own garden.

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