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Deco Ideas For A Different But Equally Beautiful Christmas Celebration

Decoración navideña

No doubt this Christmas will be unusual, but we will not stop celebrating it. And, although this time we are less at the table, the Christmas spirit has to accompany us more than ever. How to get it? Dressing our house for the occasion. We’ll give you the best deco ideas!

The keys to Christmas decoration that will make you succeed

The Christmas Tree

There is no Christmas without a tree. If you want to give that Christmas spirit to your home, you should know that this element is key on these dates. Whether natural or artificial, bet on one that is lush and fits the space where you are going to place it (not too small or too big). The decorations? In red and gold they never fail. And as for the lights, the most elegant version is the static one (that does not flicker).

Decoración navideña


Another key element in Christmas decoration is the classic Christmas wreath. For hanging on the front door, on the wall or even as a centerpiece, the best option will always be a traditional design (it goes with everything and never goes out of fashion).

Corona de navidad

The art of setting the table

This year we will meet smaller groups so it is the ideal time to get all the creativity and set up a table like in a movie (and now we will have more space for decoration). Don’t forget the tartan tablecloth and matching napkins (if you don’t have one, a white or green one will do). Take out your best tableware, your favorite set of glasses, and remember to add details that make it more special: a centerpiece with pineapples, candles, posters with the names of the diners…

Decoración navideña de mesa

Play with the lights

Christmas is synonymous with light. Is there anything more characteristic of this era than enlightenment? Fill your house with garlands of lights and lots of candles to create a romantic and magical atmosphere.

Decoración navideña

Gifts can also be decorative

This year makes the difference with a special packaging. Can we give you an idea? Wrap your gifts with craft paper and close them with jute rope. Finally, add a sprig of fir or mistletoe. Simple but effective!

Regalos de navidad
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