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The best ideas for decorating the hallway


Incredible as it may seem, the hallway is the great forgotten one of a house. And it is incredible because this is the visit card of our home, what is seen first and therefore the first impression that those who enter it have. And you know they say that first impressions are very important. So, to make this room of the house right, we are going to give you some tips how to decorate it. Take note!

5 decoration tricks to have a nice and pleasant hallway

Light furniture

If your hall is very large you can afford heavier furniture, but if it is not large, simplicity is always the best option. To do this, choose light furniture without too much ornamentation (you’ll put that in the details). A console with straight lines, an armchair and a lamp in neutral tones… Simplicity never fails!

Nice details

If the best thing is to opt for light and simple furniture, when it comes to choosing decorative details you have more freedom. Dare to include a large table lamp or a bright color, introduce original textiles (carpets, cushions…), put a picture with history or a sculpture that brings sophistication to the space.

Pay attention to lighting

One of the most important things when it comes to decorating spaces is lighting and when it comes to the hallway it becomes even more important. The fact is that the entrance areas of houses usually have little natural light. In order not to spoil the atmosphere, we must provide as much light as possible. How? By means of lamps (if it is warm light, better) and light tones.


Don’t forget the mirror, one of the most fundamental pieces in a hall for several reasons. The first is because it is the entrance and exit area: when we enter or leave the house we like to take a look at ourselves and see how we are, so it couldn’t be more practical. The second is because it gives a feeling of spaciousness, something that is usually necessary in a hall. And finally, because you see a lot.


Not every day we can buy flowers, but we can do it when we have visitors. A nice vase with a good bouquet of flowers will not only help to create a more welcoming atmosphere but will also help to receive those who arrive with a very special aroma.

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