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The best challenges to take up these weeks

Retos para realizar

Last two months we had more time to think about ourselves, our family, about what surrounded us, and about our future… And, although we are slowly starting to get back to normal life, we still have a few more weeks to do something useful for us. Let´s take advantage of the moment and set some challenges to meet in the coming weeks. We’ll give you some ideas:

3 challenges to address at home

Learn something new

Now that we are more at home it is the perfect occasion to make time for those things that in another situation we would not do due to lack of availability. Learning something new is one of them. How many times have you thought about going to guitar lessons? And how many times do you think you should take up again that language you have forgotten? Now is the time! There are many options for this: online lessons, applications, self-study… You just have to think about what you most want or need and get on with it.

Retos para realizar: aprender


Fill up your piggy bank

Now that we don’t go out for dinner or drink our mid-morning coffee at the office, it’s a good opportunity to put that money in a jar or in a piggy bank for when we get out of this. For example, if you used to spend 3€ every day on breakfast at work, now you can keep that 3€ in your moneybox and after a month you’ll have 60€ to go out and celebrate the end of the quarantine with your loved ones. Imagine how much you can get if, in addition to that, you include in the piggy bank the plans that you have stopped doing or the things that you have stopped buying.

Retos para realizar: ahorrar


Write down the good things about the last few months

While it is true that this last season has been more difficult, we can also take the positive side. What good things do you think quarantine isolation has given you? Have you noticed that you have more patience than before? Write it down. Have you seen that you can live without some material things you thought you needed? Write it down. Do it with all the good things that have happened to you or in which you have improved: write them down and save them to see them from time to time. It will help you keep fulfilling them and, therefore, feel better.

Retos para realizar: mejorar


What do you think about these challenges for these weeks? Do you think you will meet them? From CHG we encourage you to do so!

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