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These Are The Rooms Of The Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel

When we organize a trip, accommodation is a fundamental part. Whether with family, friends or alone, we always look for a place where we are comfortable and allows us to enjoy the experience of traveling to the full. That’s why you have to know where to choose. And another thing not, but of the Costa […]

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The Best Destinations In The Valencian Community

The 9th of October is the Day of the Valencian Community, a special date for those of us who live here. Therefore, to celebrate this day, from the company CHG we want to recommend some of the best destinations to visit and enjoy our beloved land. 5 places in the Valencian Community that you will […]

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Your Summer Vacation In Oliva Nova

uncertainty, we finally return little by little to normality and with it we get closer to summer, a time when we are all a little more cheerful. For this reason and because you deserve a few days of rest and disconnection after this “different” time we have all lived, we encourage you to plan your […]

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How To Make A Travelogue

A journey is one of the most exciting things we can experience, wherever it may be. When we travel, we discover many new things, and not only cities or places, we also discover ourselves and our companions. We are more relaxed and we enjoy the moments much more. That’s why keeping the memories of these […]

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Give Your Couple Valentine’s Day Experience

There’s nothing left for Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and we have to think about the surprise we want to give our couple. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place because at CHG we have the best offers. We have decided to […]

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Come To Oliva Nova For A Long Weekend In Early December

A long weekend in early December is the perfect time. And yes, all the long weekends are wonderful and great for disconnecting. But if there’s one that everyone in Spain gets most excited about, it’s the Constitution Day, because it is the first “long weekend” for almost everyone. In addition, at this time the winter […]

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