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How The Quality Of A Home Is Measured

There are many things to consider when looking for a new home. The quality of property depends on many factors that make it more or less attractive for our needs. The environment, the services, as well as the materials are essential to decide on one option or another. But how do we decide which is […]

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Where To Get A Manicure In Oliva Nova

Taking care of yourself is fashionable, there is no doubt about that. More and more people are betting on leading a lifestyle in which their well-being and feeling at ease with themselves prevail. Pampering yourself both inside and out is part of our routine, and manicure is one of those practices that more adepts is […]

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Father’s Day Plans: The Best Ideas

March is always full of unforgettable moments. It is a transitional month and one of the dates that is always marked on the calendar is the 19th. As every year this year we will also celebrate Father’s day (it will also be Saturday!) and these are all the plans we have thought of so that […]

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These Are The Rooms Of The Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel

When we organize a trip, accommodation is a fundamental part. Whether with family, friends or alone, we always look for a place where we are comfortable and allows us to enjoy the experience of traveling to the full. That’s why you have to know where to choose. And another thing not, but of the Costa […]

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Residential Complex Hoyo 17, New Proposal From CHG

Is there anything more wonderful than getting up in the morning at home and seeing the sea? Well, if this is one of your cherished desires, now you’re closer to checking your list of dreams to be fulfilled. At CHG we have new promotions for you to enjoy life on the shores of the Mediterranean. […]

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Exclusive Beach Wedding Venue

Who has never dreamed of getting married on the beach? Walking to the altar on the sand, having the sea as a horizon, soundtrack breaking the waves… It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Without a doubt it is one of the most recurrent fantasies when it comes to celebrating a wedding. Of course, in most cases […]

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Macarena Gea chooses Oliva Nova for her holidays

It seems that summer is getting closer and there are many people who take advantage of the arrival of good weather to start with the first getaways to the beach. Among them, the influencer Macarena Gea, who did not think twice before escaping with her family to Oliva Nova. The Mediterranean is increasingly chosen by it […]

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