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Christmas Table: The Deco Tricks With Which You Will Succeed

The streets have already been filled with lights and the Christmas carols have already become our soundtrack of the moment. The most magical time of the year has finally arrived. And that means that we have to think about the decoration of our house, the gifts and, of course, the Christmas table. Can you handle […]

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The best ideas for decorating the hallway

Incredible as it may seem, the hallway is the great forgotten one of a house. And it is incredible because this is the visit card of our home, what is seen first and therefore the first impression that those who enter it have. And you know they say that first impressions are very important. So, […]

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How To Create The Perfect Workspace At Home

There are several things to consider when creating a workspace at home. If we are going to spend many days in front of the computer, we have to organize this area very well so that we can work as best as possible. Here’s how. 4 tips to have the ideal workspace at home Find a […]

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3 Plans You Can Do At Home

Now we are living unusual days and it seems that it will remain so for a long time. So let’s be patient. And let’s be imaginative! What can we do to stay active and productive? From CHG we give you ideas of plans to do at home. Note them all and take advantage of this […]

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Original Furnitures, the best address to decorate your home

You’ve finally decided to take the big step of buying a house. And we are not talking about just any house, we are talking about one of the wonderful villas or one of the fabulous apartments that CHG has in Oliva Nova. Well, once you’ve bought the house of your dreams, it’s time to decorate […]

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