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Tips for creating a living room like in a decor magazine

¿Te apasiona el mundo de la decoración y te encantaría tener un salón de revista? Conseguirlo es más sencillo de lo que imaginas. Con unos simples trucos deco podrás darle un aire nuevo y muy estiloso a tu cuarto de estar. The sense of proportion One of the most important things when decorating is that […]

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6 deco tricks to give greater visual amplitude to your home

If you live in a small house or just want to gain visual amplitude, you have come to the right place. And it is that with a few small decorative tricks we can enlarge the spaces without adding more meters. Take note! Include mirrors If there is a resource par excellence when it comes to […]

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These Are The Most Successful Decoration Trends In 2021

Do you think of making a change to your house? Before you start renovating it, consider the decorating trends of 2021 to dress up your home. We’ll tell you which ones are the most important. 6 key decoration trends in 2021 Navy blue During 2020 navy blue or classic blue has been one of the […]

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3 Plans You Can Do At Home

Now we are living unusual days and it seems that it will remain so for a long time. So let’s be patient. And let’s be imaginative! What can we do to stay active and productive? From CHG we give you ideas of plans to do at home. Note them all and take advantage of this […]

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What You Should Not Do When Decorating A Children’s Room

We think a lot about our living room, bedroom, bathroom… But if we have children, we also have to think about them when decorating their bedroom. We are sure you get a lot of ideas, don’t you? Their favorite drawings, lots of color… Well, we’ll tell you that there will be things that will go […]

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Original Furnitures, the best address to decorate your home

You’ve finally decided to take the big step of buying a house. And we are not talking about just any house, we are talking about one of the wonderful villas or one of the fabulous apartments that CHG has in Oliva Nova. Well, once you’ve bought the house of your dreams, it’s time to decorate […]

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Black Friday: CHG also joins

After gradually penetrating our culture we can say that Black Friday has already settled definitively as an annual tradition. And the fact is that we like it because it’s a good opportunity to save for Christmas. As we know that you also love it (who doesn’t?), our company CHG wants to join this campaign so that you can enjoy […]

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These Are the Decoration Trends for 2020

If you have just bought a new house or just want to change the interior design, you need to know the decoration trends for 2020. Deco trends that are already starting to settle in the interior and that next year will settle completely to fill with elegance and style all the corners of the house. […]

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Blogs about Design and Decoration You Should Know

When we buy a house, one of the things that most excites us is to decorate it and transform it into our home. However, if we do not have notions of interior design or we do not know how to start decorating the house, the best way is to find inspiration from those who know. […]

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