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The most wanted houses now have a garden or terrace

After a few months in which we have spent a lot of time at home, we have started to see our home in a different way. In addition, teleworking has become part of many people’s lives, so the concept of our home has changed. Our needs have changed and now we give priority to larger, […]

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What Is Green Mortgage?

Did you know that buying a home can help the environment? Yes, if we bet on sustainable housing. Well, if you think that the property you are going to acquire is efficient (or you want to build or renovate one with these characteristics) you can ask for a green mortgage. But what exactly is it? […]

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New Mortgage Law: All You Need to Know

The new Mortgage Law entered into force in Spain in June. As you know, in CHG we always want to give you useful information in order to facilitate the purchase procedures when you decide to buy a house. We have already talked about taxes when buying a property in Spain and even how to get […]

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Buying A Property: Tax Facts To Know

If you’re thinking of buying a house in Spain or you’re about to sign a purchase agreement, this information may be of interest to you! Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the taxes when buying a property. Make a note when your time comes. Tax on the Purchase of a New […]

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Why you should buy the property built by CHG

Purchase of a property is a very important step in our life. The process of choosing an apartment or a house is accompanied by strong doubts and uncertainty. That’s why it is essential to know whom to trust when you’ve made a decision to buy a property. There are a lot of real estate companies, […]

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