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Types Of Mortgage Loans: Which One To Choose

Each person is different and has different situation and goals. For this reason when requesting a loan, you must take into account the age and income. What are the types of mortgage loans that exist and which are the ones that best suit each client? We’ll tell you here. Variable mortgage The variable mortgage is […]

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President Of The Condominium Community: All You Need To Know

When we buy a house or an apartment in a building, we enter the wonderful world of the neighborhood community. Yes, although they have tried to sell us on television and comedy shows that can be something at least catastrophic, the truth is that living on a farm has many benefits. But hey, we are […]

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Why buy a second home

Are you thinking of buying a second home? Would you like to have a little house by the sea to escape to when you feel like it? This is without a doubt one of the things we dream of most in our lives. Well, if you’ve been thinking about taking this step, CHG encourages you […]

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