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Is it good to swim in the sea in winter?

Bañarse en el mar en invierno

The answer is yes. It is good to swim in the sea in winter. Provided that we do it carefully and take good care of ourselves after our bath, it can be really beneficial for our health and our state of mind. Give it a try? Read what we tell you below and we assure you that you will want to jump into the water.

7 benefits of swimming in the sea in winter

Combats stress

Bathing in the sea clears our minds and gives us happiness. The cold water and the energy of the waves make us release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine (the hormones of well-being). Moreover, the tranquillity of the beach helps us to find peace and relaxation.

Helps to avoid insomnia

Do you have insomnia problems? Well, swimming in the sea in winter will help you avoid it. Because when you swim, you exercise, so you go to bed more tired and, bathing helps you to release stress and therefore to be more relaxed. The effect? We achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.

Improves the intimate life

The increase of testosterone and oestrogen levels improves couples’ love life.

swimming in the sea in winter

Goodbye to colds

Cold water activates the immune system and thus increases the production of red blood cells. Thanks to this the defences become stronger and we avoid the dreaded colds and flu.

Strenghtens your bones

Seawater contains substances that are beneficial for the body (such as calcium and phosphorus) that are bound in the human body and have the effect, among other things, of strengthening our bones to the maximum.

Improves blood ciruculation

The pressure and the lower water temperature activate our blood system, improving its function as well as that of our heart.

Tones and illuminates the skin

The cold has a toning effect on the skin and the minerals in the water help to nourish it, maintaining its elasticity and improving its appearance.

swimming in the sea

After knowing the benefits of swimming in the sea in winter, are you ready to take a dip? Oliva Nova is the perfect place to do so as the climate in winter is nice and taking off your clothes will be much easier. 

If you have a CHG property, do not hesitate and go to the beach to give yourself a healthy treat. If you do not have a property yet, do not hesitate to come to our hotel or to one of the apartments we have for rent to enjoy a few days at one of the best destinations on the Costa Blanca. We are waiting for you!

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