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If You Are Looking For A Family Apartment By The Sea, We Know Where To Find It

Apartamentos Sevilla 7 zonas comunes

Spending family holidays by the sea is priceless. Undoubtedly, being close to the beach is one of the best ways to disconnect and have fun: both adults and children enjoy a destination like this. Sometimes it is difficult for us to find the ideal accommodation to spend a few days together: the availability and prices often do not fit our requirements. So, to avoid that problem, why not look for an alternative and have a home whenever we want? A second residence will make it possible for us to escape to the beach
whenever we feel like it. It will always be available to us and, in addition, we will also be able to make a profit by renting it out. How many advantages! Where to find the best solution? In Oliva Nova. The apartments at the residential complex Sevilla 7 are a great option for families who love to spend vacations at the foot of the Mediterranean.

Apartamentos Sevilla 7 zonas comunes
Apartamentos Sevilla 7 zonas comunes

Sevilla 7 Apartments: Main Parameters

The apartments of the residential complex Sevilla 7 in Oliva Nova are much more than a home by the sea. They have everything to be comfortable with the family and not worry about the world. Without a doubt, they are a great refuge to enjoy like never before what we love the most, in a comfortable way and with a wide variety of qualities and services.

What are their characteristics? The apartments of Sevilla 7 have two or three bedrooms, some of them have a private garden. There are also duplex penthouses in this complex. Great for both small and large families.

Salón de los Apartamentos Sevilla 7
Habitación de los Apartamentos Sevilla 7

The qualities and finishes are unmatched: they all have a selection of exclusive materials that make each home a unique place.

In addition, they also have a large communal garden area and a swimming pool, which makes the residential complex the ideal option for parents with children who are looking for a place to socialize or where their children can have fun safely.

What about the location of Sevilla 7? It’s excellent: a few meters from the beach and the golf course! And, the best thing is that all its residents have access to all the services of Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort.

Cuarto de Baño

Isn’t that wonderful? There is no doubt that the apartments of Sevilla 7 are a fantastic proposal for those who want to be close to the sea with all the amenities and in a unique environment. We encourage you to get to know them and to consult us everything you need about them. At CHG we will be happy to assist you and give you all the references you need about this dream residential complex.o.

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