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After-sales service of CHG, you’ll get everything you need!

servicio postventa

When evaluating services in any sector of the market, it is not only how you are treated during the sale, but also afterwards. Without a doubt, good after-sales service makes a difference, and today let’s talk about after-sales service provided by CHG.

The benefits of investing in a completed property means that you will have a 1 year warranty on visible and hidden defects. And not only that! If one day your needs (or desires) change, you can change your property for a larger one, paying only the price difference. But we can offer you more than that, we’ll tell you!

servicio postventa

9 advantages of after-sales service

  • House maintenance.
  • Garden and pool maintenance.
  • Transfer service from Alicante and/or Valencia airport to Oliva Nova Golf and vice versa.
  • General correspondence of the CHG Group of Companies.
  • Water and electricity bills.
  • Provision/processing of interpreting and translation servicies (for foreign clients).
  • Processing of authorizations for public services suppliers.
  • Processing of an application for a telephone line.
  • Processing of requests from clients such as a car hire reservation, green fees, a booking for the Spa…

servicio postventa

And in case it’s not enough, being a CHG customer you can also benefit from our Rental Service.

Have you decided to purchase a property on the shores of the Mediterranean? Hurry up to make a bet!

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