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A 5% profitability with the CHG guarantee

Rentabilidad por comprar en CHG

Turn the purchase of your home into a save investment

Buying a house is always a good investment. But there is always a doubt about how to translate this step into profitability when it comes to renting it. Many factors influence when offering your attractive, well designed and located property. To rent your house will be an easier and comfortable process thanks to attractiveness and the activity that surround our promotions.

In CHG we will provide you with the peace you need, guaranteeing that your house is a profitable rent. Our commitment is to offer you a 5% annually of the sum of what your property had cost.

A very attractive profitability, no troubles, in which we offer all the services and experiences of CHG. We are a enterprise that’s been since 1972 building and promoting apartments, houses and luxury villages in the White Coast.

The secret of our success lies in the ubication, the variety and quality of the houses, and of course in the attractive activity that’s been developed in the environment of our promotions in Oliva Nova.

We recheck your inversion with an exclusive offer in the environment. Your property is surrounded by a golf course of 18 holes, tennis and paddle courts, four football fields for professionals and amateurs, one of the best equestrian centers of the international circuit, Spa and fitness.


The best showcase to rent your home

With and average of 225.000 people coming to the urbanization in the past two years, your home becomes the best bet to boost your investment. This influx is achieved thanks to the great activity of Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort as a pole of attraction.

Sport as an attraction

Our great commitment to sport makes your purchase a guarantee of success and a great attraction for property. The long trajectory in the soccer market and the 4 fields with FIFA dimensions of Royalverd attract annually some 75 preseasons to the sports complexes. In rugby, we regularly have teams like the absolute selections of Ireland or France, Rugby Seven or the sub-14 and sub-16 championships. We also want to emphasize that we have the activity of the Alberto Contador’s Foundation and his cycling team.

Golf, a safe asset

We offer an 18-hole golf course and a complete training area designed by Severiano Ballesteros. The activity of this magnificent complex is complemented by the recent signing of Kiko Luna as director of the Oliva Nova Golf Academy. The numbers associated with this sport make your investment a safe asset, since the average annual occupation has exceeded 45,000 players in the last two years

Oliva Nova Golf chg

Horse riding as an impulse for your investment

The Oliva Nova Equestrian Center hosts every year the best international riders and Amazons in the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour. Its 9 sand tracks, 380 fixed blocks and 660 blocks in tent represent a safe bet for this elite sport. It develops the 4 tests of Spring MET with more than 840 riders and 3,400 horses at the same time that they have given prizes in cash for more than 1.4 million euros. During the Autum MET 2018, 15 scoring tests were held with €674,400 in prizes.

With CHG guarantee

CHG, Construcciones Hispano Germanas is a company with a long history in the promotion and construction of high-quality apartments, chalets and villas in the Costa Blanca.

Viviendas CHG

Since 1972 continues to provide unique shopping experiences to more than 7,500 customers across Europe. All of them have found in our company the luxury of enjoying a natural environment and a differentiated and exclusive services.

With CHG you will turn the purchase of your property into a secure investment

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