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Come To Oliva Nova For A Long Weekend In Early December

Puente de diciembre en Oliva Nova

A long weekend in early December is the perfect time. And yes, all the long weekends are wonderful and great for disconnecting. But if there’s one that everyone in Spain gets most excited about, it’s the Constitution Day, because it is the first “long weekend” for almost everyone. In addition, at this time the winter has already entered full and that’s when we start to miss the summer days. How to solve this? To go to Oliva Nova.

Long Weekend in Oliva Nova | CHG

Why bet on Oliva for the December holiday?

Because it’s the perfect place to disconnect from the world and connect with ourselves. And although it is more difficult to wear a bathing suit at this time of the year, at least in Oliva Nova you are assured of good weather. The weather is warm all year round and the chances of rain are very low.

How about a walk on the beach with a light jacket? Appetizing, isn’t it? And what about eating paella by the sea? And if we tell you that you can go out and play golf on one of the best golf courses on the Costa Blanca under a radiant sun and that you can also get a massage at the Spa center of Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel, would you like it?

What irresistible plans for the December getaway, don’t you think? Well, there’s more. You can also go on an excursion to one of the wonderful places near Oliva Nova, go karting, cycling or play tennis. And, of course, take the opportunity to see some of our CHG properties because, we assure you, once you live this experience, you will want to repeat!

Long Weekend in Oliva Nova | CHG
Long Weekend in Oliva Nova | CHG

Where to stay?

You have two options: to rent an apartment, villa, townhouse… or to stay at our hotel. Which option would you like more? Both are perfect, you just have to think about your needs and preferences: if you go as a couple, if you are looking for something more intimate, if you go in a group and prefer a house to meet everyone in the living-room… It’s up to you!

Oliva Nova Hotel | CHG

Here you will find all the information to choose one proposal or another. However, whatever you choose, we warn you that you are going to enjoy a lot and it will cost you a lot to forget this incredible December long weekend in the Mediterranean.

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