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3 Plans You Can Do At Home

Planes para hacer en casa

Now we are living unusual days and it seems that it will remain so for a long time. So let’s be patient. And let’s be imaginative! What can we do to stay active and productive? From CHG we give you ideas of plans to do at home. Note them all and take advantage of this moment to do those plans which you always postpone.

Redistribute the living room or your bedroom

Do you remember that change in your home decor that was going through your head? Yes, the one you always think about but you never end up doing. Well, now is the perfect time to do it. You can do many things to give a twist to your rooms.

How to do it? First you can redistribute in your mind or on a piece of paper how you would like it to look and then you can get down to work. Change the furniture, play with the accessories, remove everything that is in the way, put other cushions… Open the doorway to creativity!

Change your wardrobe

Spring is here and the change of wardrobe is imminent. So this time you have an opportunity that you cannot miss. You will no longer have to change your wardrobe for a little while or leave it until the last minute. Take the opportunity to do it now calmly and with head. Take Marie Kondo’s side and sort your clothes!

Planes para hacer en casa

Do deep cleaning

When do you have time to do deep cleaning at home? Yes, we know that every day you clean your house. But how thoroughly do you do it? It’s not just about vacuuming or dusting, it’s about throwing out everything that we don’t really need anymore and that only takes up space. As we said, take Marie Kondo’s side and say goodbye to what you don’t need.

Planes para hacer en casa: limpieza profunda

What do you think of these plans to do at home? Which one do you sign up for first?

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