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Ocean’s Residence, New Apartments In Front Of The Equestrian Center

Ocean's Residence

Finding the ideal house may seem a bit complicated. When we decide to take a step of buying a property, we dream that it will have everything we need to make it perfect for us: quality materials, space, environment, design… It is difficult but not impossible. And a good example of that is Ocean’s Residence, the new building project of CHG so that you finally have the property you always wanted to have.

Ocean´s Residence: Its characteristics

No doubt, Ocean’s Residence is the residential complex characterized by its splendour. Here you can enjoy countless services. In this complex quality is the protagonist, the location cannot be better and, in addition, it is beautiful.


Ocean’s Residence consists of 2 buildings, located a few meters from the sea and just opposite the Equestrian Centre of Oliva Nova. So, you can imagine the wonderful location of this complex. Here you can enjoy everything without having to go too far: the beach and the magnificent shows that the MET (Mediterranean Equestrian Tour) gives us year after year.

Ocean's Residence de CHG

Quality and guarantees

This residential complex can boast of having the best quality in terms of finishes, with materials of the highest level of Porcelanosa. What are the guarantees? The ones we provide at CHG can’t be better.

Types of apartments in Ocean’s Residence

Ocean’s Residence has apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms, penthouses with swimming pool and ground floor apartments with private garden. The complex can also boast enviable common areas, such as a huge swimming pool and a garden, and it has access to all the services of Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort.

Jardín de Ocean's Residence de CHG

Do you want to buy an apartment here? We advise you to start choosing as soon as possible, because there are few apartments left, and this is a great opportunity that is better not to miss. Call us and we´ll give you all the information you need.

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