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Are you expecting a baby? Key tips for decorating a baby’s room

Decoración de habitación infantil

Welcome the new member of the family by preparing a nice and useful room!

Get a dream room for your baby

Whether it’s your first child or not, the arrival of a new member to the family is always a reason for joy, celebration and also some nerves! And, during the previous months, there are many things to do to make sure that when your little one is born and arrives home, you have everything you need for his/her perfect care.

Among all of them, a baby’s room is undoubtedly one of the most important since, in addition to being beautiful, it also has to be a comfortable and safe place where both you and your baby feel calm because it is in this room where you will spend many hours together.

But, if in addition to this, you decorate it with taste, care and attention, this room will become one of the most pleasant places in your house and both you and your partner will be able to really enjoy the process of creating it and start creating bonds with your child before he/she is even born filling it with energy and tons of affection even before the little member uses it for the first time!

Choose which will be the baby’s room

Although it may seem very obvious, deciding on which room in the house will be chosen for your baby is extremely important. Although it is true that in many cases there is no option to choose if the number of rooms in the house is limited, the ideal would be for it to be as close as possible to the parents’ room to get to it in the fastest and most comfortable way.

And what style of baby’s room do you want?

Nordic, modern, vintage… When it comes to decorating the room, the styles can be endless and will largely depend on your own. The perfect thing is to achieve a mix between design and practicality to ensure that the room is comfortable and easy to move around in but also pleasing to the eye.

Estilo nórdico habitación infantil

Start with the basic furniture

Nowadays there are a multitude of decoration firms that have hundreds of furniture, accessories and decorative elements specially designed for baby rooms that are a real beauty and that surely if you could, you would take them all for your child’s room! However, it is advisable to start by acquiring the essential furniture to be able to easily structure the room and from there add the rest of the elements. The cot to sleep in, the changing table and a small wardrobe to store your baby’s clothes are the three essential pieces of furniture you need to start setting up the room.

Ropita bebé armario

And decide on the color of the walls!

Blue, pink or something less classic like earth tones or peaches. The important thing is that it is a soft and light color, that in addition to being beautiful, transmits tranquility. 

Don’t forget about the light

Whether natural or artificial, the brightness of a child’s room is important to take into account for the well-being of the little one. If the room is very bright, it will be important to have some curtains to increase or decrease the light according to the time of day and the need. For lamps, it is best to choose a light bulb shade that is warm so that the light from it does not bother the baby or harm his/her eyes.

About the importance of security

Plugs with protectors, covered corners or furniture without protruding spikes with rounded edges are some elements that you must take into account to ensure that when your little one is in the room, there is no mishap. In addition, having electronic devices such as a digital baby monitor is essential to be able to hear and see what your child is doing at all times.

And as your baby grows? The room changes with the child!

Change the cot for a small bed, incorporate a small table or desk, add a shelf to keep his/her toys organized, put a special reading corner … As your son or daughter grows up, their needs will change and with them their room. And although this may seem very far away to you now, small children grow up in the blink of an eye and will go from being your little babies to becoming all little people! So enjoy this new and beautiful stage in the children’s room of your dreams and congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

Habitación niño pequeño
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