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Inheritance And Gift Tax In The Valencian Community

Impuesto de sucesiones en la comunidad valenciana

The truth is that the inheritance and gift tax is one of those taxes that, depending on each of the Spanish autonomous communities, generates more controversy and confusion, so we are going to try to help you understand what it is, when you have to pay it as well as other doubts that may arise about it in the Valencian Community.

What exactly is inheritance and gift tax?

It is a tax that must be paid by the heirs or beneficiaries of a gift after the death of the person from whom they receive the amount or estate. Heirs are those who receive the inheritance of the deceased. And beneficiaries are recipients of a financial donation or gift from a deceased individual.

If I inherit or receive a gift in the Valencian Community, in what cases am I obliged to pay it?


  • If you have resided in the Valencian Community the greatest number of days in the last 5 years and what you received is a movable property (money).
  • If it is a property (a flat) that is located in the Valencian Community, regardless of your place of residence, as long as it is within Spanish territory.


  • If the deceased had his place of residence in this community the 5 years prior to his death.
impuesto de sucesiones

In what period of time should I pay this tax?

The tax must be submitted within a period of 6 months from the death of the person who bequeaths the inheritance; although we may request an extension of another 6 more, as long as we request it no later than the first 5 months from the death, although we will have to pay late interest.

The extension will be considered granted if we have not received a response within 1 month of the request.

Can I reduce the tax payment?

The answer is yes. If you can reduce the payment of the tax. To do this, you will first need to know the concept of “Taxable Base” which is the value of the inherited assets minus the debts and deductible expenses.

Once this has been calculated, we will be able to obtain various types of reductions on it in the Valencian Community by degree of kinship, by disability or by acquisition of habitual residence, among others. And, once the reductions are applied, we will obtain a tax quota, on which different bonuses can be applied.

For this, it is advisable to turn to a professional to tell us how we can do it according to our circumstances.

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