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5 Iconic Furniture Pieces You Have To Know If You Like Design

Muebles icónicos de diseño

Pasen los años que pasen, hay diseños que jamás pasan de moda. Las tendencias pueden dictar muchas cosas, pero As the years go by, there are designs that never go out of style. Trends can dictate many things, but what is clear is that there are pieces of furniture that remain current despite time. Iconic furniture with which you are always right and with which you will always feel comfortable. So, if you are thinking of giving your house a change or, simply, you love design and want to have more knowledge about it, we are going to tell you which pieces you should have on the radar.

Iconic furniture pieces that never go out of style

Chester Sofa

Did you know that its origin dates back to the mid-18th century? It was commissioned by Viscount of Chesterfield (hence its name) to a prestigious cabinetmaker so that his guests could sit on it upright and thus not spoil their attires. Made of leather and with a tufted back, since then this sofa has become a fundamental piece in countless homes and spaces, both classic and contemporary in style.

Sofá Chester

Tulip Table

Devised by the Finnish-born architect Eero Saarinen in 1956, it consists of a single central foot and a circular or oval top, and was designed with the intention of freeing up the maximum of legroom (and thus accommodating more diners around it). It also has a low model that doubles as a coffee table.

Muebles icónicos

Cesca Chair

Although it has almost 100 years of history, the Cesca chair is one of those iconic furniture that always looks current. Designed by Marcel Breuer and edited by Knoll, it is one of those versatile pieces that look good both in a dining room and in an office thanks to that mixture of warmth that gives it the braided grid as the sobriety of the tubular steel of its structure.

Muebles icónicos

Butterfly Chair

Another chair that remains a must, even though it was created in 1937, is the Butterfly model. Made of iron and leather emulating the shape of a butterfly by Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari, it is a design that fits perfectly in any room: in the living room, in the bedroom or in a reading area.

Muebles icónicos

Nesso Lamp

It is not a piece of furniture as such but it is part of that list of design pieces that are not missing in the most stylish houses. The Italian architect Giancarlo Mattioli created the Nesso lamp at the end of the 60s and since then it has been one of the great icons of decoration.

Lámpara Nesso

¿Did you know these iconic furniture pieces? Which one would you like to have at home? We find it difficult to choose because we believe that in any corner of our estate objects they would look really good. Have you taken a look at them?

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