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How to set up your own home gym

Cómo montar tu propio gimnasio en casa

Needs have changed and our home has recently become the epicentre of our lives. Many people have had to reinvent their home and give it other uses that it did not have until now, such as creating a workspace. Also, due to the current situation, we have had to adapt other activities that we used to do outside our homes, and sport is one of them. For this reason, we want to tell you how you can set up your own gym at home so that you can exercise comfortably and safely.

What you need for your home gym


To work your body properly, you need space. But be aware that it is not essential to have a room exclusively for this purpose: you simply need a space in which you can move and stretch comfortably. How many metres are we talking about? For exercises that do not use machines, you will need between 2 and 5 square metres. If you want to set up an exercise bike or a running machine, you will also need that space. And if you want to set up a gym with several elements, you will need a lot of space at your disposal. An area in the garage or on the terrace can be a solution. But we remind you that you can do a lot with little, so don’t get overwhelmed!

Cómo montar tu propio gimnasio en casa

Workout equipment

As we said, it is not essential to have a lot of machines to exercise well. With our desire and a few other elements, you’ve got it all figured out! What equipment is essential? We’ll tell you:

  • Mat: For your stretches or for exercises that are performed on the floor such as planks or crunches, it is essential.
  • Foam roller: this item is very versatile so we need it for different parts of the workout, especially for the final stretches.
  • Weights: you’ll want these for your strength and endurance exercises. If you have storage space, it’s best to have different sizes to increase the weight. If you don’t, opt for resistance bands. They are a fantastic alternative.
  • Dumbbells: Dumbbells are ideal for building strength and improving muscle contraction and stretching.
  • Comba: Cardiovascular exercise is also essential in training. And the rope is perfect for this and also takes up very little space.
Gimnasio en casa

With this you’ve got your home gym sorted out and you won’t be able to make excuses to do sport!

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